This Is Grain Creative

A Creative Agency

Made for Founders

This Is Grain Creative

A Creative Agency

Made for Founders

This Is Grain Creative

A Creative Agency

Made for Founders

With an eye for what’s trending and an intrinsic understanding of the ever-changing marketing landscape, we challenge and elevate beyond the limits of traditional marketing. 

Our commitment extends far beyond the realm of routine social media postings. We become an integral part of your brand, not merely as service providers but as brand consultants, dedicated to understanding and executing your vision with intentionality. 

Grain’s premium approach is rooted in the quest to truly understand your brand's unique identity and objectives. This ensures effective creative collaboration and the crafting of content that brings your brand to life in ways that are exciting, different, and unmistakably high-end.

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Welcome to Grain:
where unconventional meets cool. 

What we do

Graphic Design

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meet the founder

Ellen Williams

A brand strategist with an editorial and fashion background

Ellen’s passion for all things media started when she became a young model working out of Chicago. Since the age of thirteen, she has been immersed in the world of print and high-end fashion.

She credits her background in the fashion industry for her love of sophisticated branding and marketing, and seeing first-hand how companies influence their perception through branding, campaigns, aesthetics, and their social media presence.

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Creating Content



We place a strong emphasis on the quality of the content we create and funnel through strategic marketing channels. We marry modern design with effective strategy in order to produce branded content that resonates with your brand aesthetic, and pleases the current marketing landscape.

Molly Martin, Founder of Juniper Green

"Working with Ellen + the Grain team has been a dream. Our socials and brand presence used to be pretty scattershot and fit in whenever we had time to post. It was based largely on either outdated photoshoot material or relying on the photos we got from our clients' event photographers which was tough to track down and stylistically inconsistent. In trying to scale a brand with a luxury price point and a discerning clientele, we knew we were missing the mark.

While our offerings are high end, our approach to luxury has always been warm, inviting, and fun — celebrating beauty and quality without the pretense. Ellen understood what I wanted the brand to be immediately. Even better, she also has the overall vision and taste level to oversee an amazing creative team in generating an aesthetic and content strategy that reflects where we're going. The Grain team is helping us to co-create what the brand will mature into as we leave the scrappy startup phase. 

What I look for in a creative partner is someone who is collaborative and a deep listener, but also has a clear point of view and isn't afraid to advocate for it or push me out of established boundaries to get something more interesting + authentic. I've never been prouder of the way our brand presents online, and feel it finally reflects the level of quality we offer our clients. We get a ton of feedback about it — clients who say they've been following us on Instagram, and not only feel incredibly excited to get to work with us, they are willing to pay top dollar. That's no small feat in a service business."

Client Testimonials

Brooke Greer, Owner and CEO
Contigo Catering

"Contigo has been working with Grain since December of 2021, and we've been part of their path to growth and Ellen's dedication to delivering the best services, talent and marketing coverage for her clients.  

Ellen's creativity is spectacular, and her magic touch has helped elevate our ordinary ideas to the next level. She is a breath of fresh air, and has helped our brand feel clean, light and intentional, where previously it felt somewhat heavy and murky. She deeply cares and is personally invested and interested in helping us stand out in a sea of so much. 

Her team is great at responding to feedback, understanding our needs & concerns and we've worked to create a great flow of communication between our companies. They jump to help at our request, and are on the forefront as well proactively creating content and pushing our brands to stand out."

Client Testimonials

Megan Bronner, Business Development at Table Manners

"I highly recommend the Grain Creative team. They are engaging, thoughtful, and hardworking. Their expertise and dedication to excellence are evident in their creative ideas, meticulous execution, and outstanding results. Ellen and her team have such a vision for our company that they are able to execute beautifully even from states away. Working with them is a true pleasure, and I wholeheartedly endorse them as a results-driven marketing partner."

Client Testimonials

Griffin Jamerson,
Owner of House & Homes

"We are over the moon with the custom branding that Grain has created for us. All of the collateral, from the fonts, to the color scheme, to the graphics and imagery, is exactly what we pictured for our brand - it is truly as if they read our minds! In addition to being talented artists, they are also fantastic business women. They not only provided us with beautiful materials, but also a thoughtful, and statistically driven guide to ensure that our marketing is effective. They are extremely professional, efficient, and kept us well informed throughout the process. Plus, they are so lovely to work with. We are so thankful for Ellen, Kenzie, and the whole team. I cannot recommend them enough!"

Client Testimonials