About Engrained

Welcome to Grain’s personal journal

Introducing Engrained, an avant-garde extension of Grain Creative. 

We curate life’s finest experiences, services, personalities, and trends, giving you Engrained — a handpicked selection of today’s topics you’ll want to know about. We are your refined resource, your urban almanac, gathering all that’s worth knowing into one stylish package.

We are your digital concierge, a multimedia hub where we distill industry wisdom, brand prowess, and hushed insider knowledge just for you.

We cater to an audience with an astute taste for influence and originality. Bringing together editorial experts from the creative realm, we deliver content ranging from celebrity lifestyles and pop-culture to travel, entertainment, fashion, and wellness – with the bonus of brand and marketing insights.

In our agency world, we collaborate with an array of top brands, crafting innovative and ongoing campaigns that resonate with our audience. One day we might be working on a custom publishing project for a luxury hotel and the next, testing out the fitness routines of our favorite celebrities.

Recognizing our influence in this space, we sought to share our unique voice, insights, and expertise, filling the gap in the market where luxury, transparency, and approachability intersect. Engrained is a culmination of redefining luxury on our own terms. We are infusing it with honesty and accessibility – all without compromising on quality or exclusivity.

But, amidst the work, the laughter, the dialogue, and the ceaseless creativity, we always find time to listen to you. After all, your input shapes Engrained.

Welcome to your new go-to source. We’re happy to have you.

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