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Luxury Bridal Expands to Nashville

Spring 2023 – Nashville’s Luxury Market expanded into the Wedding Industry by way of a mother/daughter trio underwhelmed by their experiences within the specialty bridal space.

We were entrusted with the process of carrying their visual concept off Pinterest and building it into the branding that Nashville now recognizes as the face of Bloom Bridal. (Credit: Kenzie Brown | Designer, & Ellen Williams | Creative Director of Grain Creative). We’ve been in love with their vision ever since.

Mary Kate, Peyton, and Christy McCarroll have established more than a boutique — they have cultivated a sanctuary, an experience grounded on the framework of femininity, empowerment, and self-expression. It is their defining belief that bridal attire should be a celebration of all-inclusive confidence.

“The Nashville bridal market simply does not meet the needs and wants of its customers. Our city is diversifying more and more — we’re finding that in order for brides to find a gown that deeply embodies their style, they are having to travel to fashion destinations like LA, NYC, or Atlanta. We plan to bring cutting edge, fashion-forward designers to Nashville to eliminate the need to travel.” – Mary Kate, Peyton, & Christy of Bloom Bridal

All imagery original to Grain Creative | Editorials taken by Alaina Mullin

Bloom has accomplished exactly that. With designers ranging from Christie Nicole, Jane Hill, Halfpenny London, Tara Lauren, and Liz Martinez, their collection is a portfolio of the bridal industry’s top runners.

Bloom has found a way to marry elegance with sincere attainability. Their intention is to create a bridal experience unlike any other through an attentive, personal shopping appointment.

“We want it to be a luxurious yet approachable feel.” They mused. “The dream has always been to create an inviting space where brides feel comfortable expressing their truest selves.”

Written by Kat DeRespino

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