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The 4 Fruitful Trends of Summer 2023

The revolving door of trends is at it again. Move over, coastal girl summer. This summer, it was all about fruit. 

Although the summer months are (thankfully) coming to a close, let’s dive into these trends, how to wear them, and where to find them.

Tomato Girl Summer

Image Credit: Teen Vogue | Composite Credit: Liz Coulbourn x Getty Images

Let’s address the elephant in the room: tomatoes are indeed a fruit. 

We all know that red is the it color right now, but this TikTok-inspired trend brings a Mediterranean flair to fashion with pieces that look like they are plucked straight from a dish on the Amalfi Coast. Cinque-Terre Chic or Aperol Spritz Couture, if you will. 

Shop this trend: Lisa Says Gah, Reformation, Miaou, Frankies Bikinis, Mirror Palais

Blueberry Milk Nails 

Image Credit: Byrdie | Sabrina Carpenter

Summer’s most wanted manicure. Look no further for your nail inspo! From Dua Lipa to Sophia Richie, all the stars are sporting this soft blue hue. 

Find your shade of blue: Olive and June, Essie, OPI

Strawberry Glaze Makeup

Image Credit: Byrdie | Rhode

What Haley Bieber says, goes. The key players of this berry-centric look are dewy skin, healthy flushed cheeks, faux freckles, and glossy lips.

Must-have products: Rhode Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment, Freck Beauty, Shisedo Sunscreen

Cherry Lips and Cheeks

Photo Credit: Merit

Looking for that effortless summer flush? Let us steer you to your fruit bowl for that natural just-took-a-bite look. We’re not exaggerating — cherries actually provide a beautiful and sheer stain for lips and cheeks — Addison Rae even filmed her take on the trend. But, if you’re not looking to use your produce in your beauty routine, there are plenty of ways to shop and recreate this cherry look.

Get the look: Benefit Benetint Lip Stain, Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick

Written by Julia Gagliano

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