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Welcome to Engrained

Grain Creative, Founder, Editorial

It feels like a full circle moment to be writing this first Engrained post.

For those who have been following along with Grain from the beginning, you may be wondering why we are starting a blog (you may even remember my OG blog back in the day).

To answer simply, we have a lot to share. We have built an incredible team of women over the past year since scaling Grain from just Alaina and myself, to now a team of eight. Each of these women is a connoisseur of their craft, bringing their personal flair of expertise and elevation to the Grain brand. It seemed only fitting that we create a space for the Grain women to share their insights, industry expertise, and brand musings.

Prior to founding Grain, I was working as Managing Editor for a local media outlet that focused primarily on the lifestyles of the local elite. It’s an understatement to say I learned a lot — mostly all while on the job.

It was in that position that I met my first hire, dear friend, and newest Partner to Grain Creative, Alaina Mullin. Alaina and I cultivated our friendship through the chaos of start-up culture. We were fast learners and welcomed the immense responsibilities that were hurled at us. We both left our positions with an admiration for print + editorial, as well as each other.

My love of magazine editorials, along with my experience in the fashion industry, has greatly influenced Grain’s overall brand, services, and even clientele over the years. As we carefully cultivated our skillsets and curated our team, we’ve been able to set ourselves apart in our industry and really hone in on our brand’s value.

Going forward, Grain Creative is considered a multi-media company. We will continue to offer our services (more information on our services can be found here) through Grain Creative, but Engrained will hold space for our talented team of marketing professionals and creatives to share their expertise, as well as our specially curated Rolodex of contributors.

While we plan to roll out phases of Engrained over time, we plan to ramp this going in to 2024. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email engrained@graincreative.co. If you would like to be featured or have a press inquiry, please refer to our About page for those details.

We are so stoked to begin this new journey.

With love,

Ellen Williams, Editor-in-chief, Grain Creative, Engrained

Founder, Creative Director

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